The Cedula in Mallorca…

If you are buying a property in Mallorca, your lawyer will ask for the “Cedula” (Certificate of Occupancy) which is a certificate proving the house meets certain health & safety requirements.. in other words, that it’s habitable. All new constructions need this certificate in order to contract services (water, electricity & gas). A certificate has a validity of 10 years.

There are 3 types of Cedula: 1) Primera Ocupacion, affecting new buildings or those where renovation has extended the building by more than 60% 2) Renovacion, when the certificate has expired 3) Carencia, for buildings completed before 1st March 1987 which have never had the certificate before.

Cedulas are issued by the Departamento de Territorio del Consell de Mallorca & will be the responsibility of the seller.

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