What we do

Looking to buy property in Mallorca?

Are you overwhelmed by the number of property search portals & estate agents?

Do you have a busy professional & family life?

Our service

We are property finders in Mallorca. We work only for buyers. Established 18 years, we’ve had some pretty impressive results. Unlike estate agents, who can only show you those properties on their books, we research the entire market. We tell you about the pros and cons of different areas. We only send you properties which fit your criteria.

Forget about spending hours sifting through details of properties, trying to work out where they are, if they really fit your brief or if they’re worth viewing.

Take a look at our testimonials for a glimpse into Mallorca’s property market, which is as interesting & diverse as each of our clients.

How it works

Tailored property search involves more than a thorough knowledge of Mallorca, its infrastructure, the many types of property available and what is actually for sale.

Finding your perfect villa, country house or apartment begins with a complete understanding of your needs, lifestyle & aspirations. After all, we have to become your ears and eyes and not everyone’s perception of distance, accessibility, noise, space or privacy is the same.

Armed with this information, we focus on your specific criteria. We show you the best available property for sale at any given time, using a very wide range of sources & contacts. Sometimes we have to be particularly inventive to find the right property, especially if it’s in short supply.

We cover all the angles. We do the research and the legwork. You get to do the exciting bit – viewing a minimal number of properties which tick all the right boxes.

Initial meeting

We can meet you wherever you are in Mallorca, including evenings and weekends, or in UK whenever convenient.

The search process

Each and every property we recommend will match your brief. Communication is the key. During the process your criteria may change dramatically as you see the reality of the market. However, with sufficient information from us, and feedback from you, a structured search will always make positive progress. We aim to make the most of your available time when viewing.

Our fees

We charge a retaining fee of €900 + I.V.A. Success fees are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price on a case by case basis.

Over the years, we’ve had many happy clients who now own their dream home in Mallorca. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth using a property finder, a number of them have kindly offered to speak to you about their experience – just get in touch with us. In the meantime, take a look at our testimonials

Property in Mallorca – the reality

If you are looking to buy a villa, country house or apartment in Mallorca, you are one of 92% of people who start their search online.

However, some of the best properties are never advertised on any websites. They may be discreetly for sale or known only to low profile, local estate agents. You’ll never get to hear of them.

Property details available from Mallorca’s estate agents are often very basic. What sort of facilities are nearby? How close exactly are the neighbours? Is the terrace private? Is the access difficult? Would there by road noise? What about orientation? Sea views?

Enhanced photos will inevitably show a property in a favourable light. After all, estate agents are engaged to sell.

If you have already wasted time viewing properties which simply don’t live up to expectations, contact us today. We can help you find your perfect property in Mallorca.