Frontline Sunsets

Frontline Sunsets

The Brief

  • A property anywhere in Mallorca for holiday use, with minimum 4 bedrooms & pool
  • A sunset view to be absolute priority
  • This was the clients’ first purchase abroad, they had 4 teenage children aged 10-16 but were keen to emphasize that as they had homes elsewhere this property was to be primarily for their own enjoyment & not geared to their family
  • One partner’s ideal was a quality property with no real work needed, the other’s ideal was a property with access to the water as they would probably go on to buy a small boat
  • Both needed access to good facilities & fine dining

The Challenges

  • If sunsets are a priority there are specific locations in Mallorca where you will see the sun dropping into the sea, notably in the north west. The Tramuntana mountains offer a spectacular coastline, however, the downside is that public sea access is limited to a few places with narrow, winding roads. Furthermore, private sea access is confined to a handful of large estates
  • Other sunset locations are limited to the west facing side of La Mola in Puerto Andratx & west facing positions around Santa Ponsa in the south west of the island; the western side of the Alucudia peninsula in the north; the north west facing coast around Colonia St Pere in the north east of the island & the short stretch of west facing coast around Colonia St Jordi in the south
  • It’s important to determine whether clients intend to use a property mainly in the summer or throughout the year. There’s a noticeable difference in the position of the setting sun between mid summer and mid winter. We all know that the sun sets in the west, but it will set a full 30 degrees north or south of west depending on the season.
  • The very best frontline positions were taken in the 1980s so many properties need renovation. Recently built properties needing little or no work are often in secondary locations
  • Privacy does not usually go hand in hand with frontline property. The closer you approach the coast, the smaller the plots, as little as 800 square metres in recent urbanisations
  • Careful legal checks must be made with the coastal authorities as parts of most frontline property often fall under their jurisdiction

The Search

Firstly, the clients had seen a frontline property online & were interested in finding out more. It was in Colonia St Jordi in the south. Although on the small side, it seemed of interest after the initial viewing as it was virtually on the water’s edge. However, careful registry research showed it was one of only a handful of detached villas sandwiched between a number of hotels & apartment communities. The narrow, one way road system would certainly cause some disruption to residents held up by traffic, especially coaches offloading & picking up visitors. Furthermore, Colonia as a resort can suffer from mosquitos attracted by the standing water of the salt pans inland – the local village is called Ses Salines, meaning salt.
Having discounted the north west coast due to lack of water access, the next phase of the search took in Andratx. Sunset views can be found in one spot with wonderful views to the island of Dragonera – however, there’s no water access. After sourcing & discounting several villas, one was recommended which matched the criteria perfectly, a stylish, well maintained property with no work required. It even had a large pool terrace which would be fine for the children to run & play – properties on this part of the coast are usually staggered up the hillsides, so outside space can be somewhat limited.

At the same time, we investigated the Alcudia peninsula & found a property with a large, flat, private enclosed garden, walking to 2 local beaches. Its “upside down” distribution with bedrooms on the lower level & kitchen/living level upstairs meant that the huge upper terrace provided panoramic views of the whole of Pollensa bay & the sun setting over Formentor year round. This suited one partner perfectly – however, the property itself was not of the same standard as the Andratx villa.

Furthermore, there were doubts on area. We were able to prove that there are some exquisite dining experiences to be had in Alcudia, both in the old medieval city & in local, top class fish restaurants.

The Result

After much debate, an offer was put forward on the Andratx villa & negotiations finalised. After due diligence, the option contract was prepared, but shortly before signing, the clients changed their minds & decided to go for the property in Alcudia instead.

The Alcudia property gave the children independence to come & go to the beach, marina & cafes whilst the villa in Andratx, although the most sophisticated, would prove more isolating for them as they needed transport to reach any facilities.

As a search progresses through viewings, it often becomes clear that priorities may be different between partners & somewhere along the line, compromises have to be made. In this case, the location won over the property itself, which is the way it usually turns out.